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2. Check your ingredients

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You’ve made your plan and now you’ve got a list of festive bakes you’d like to make.

You’ll probably find that there are a number of ingredients you can use across several recipes.

Make a list of the store cupboard ingredients you’ll need for your bakes.

If it helps, you can download my list of the most used store cupboard ingredients below.

Add in any other ingredients required for your recipes.

Take stock

Then it’s time for a good cupboard clear out.

What ingredients do you have already? Are they in date? Do you need more?

Check off all the ingredients you have on your list from above.

Then make up a shopping list of everything you still need to buy.

Keep this in mind and start to buy in ingredients with a long shelf life over the next few weeks.


You can download my list as a start below.

Click here to download your store cupboard checklist

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