Five quick and delicious snacks you can make whilst working from home

Do you find yourself tempted to reach for the same quick foods whilst busy working at home? Want to try something different, delicious and homemade but not got time to find recipes or prep ingredients?

Next week I’m attending a two-day online conference, Janet Murray’s #2021 Sorted. I’m really looking forward to it. But it means the temptation to reach for quick convenience foods and snacks whilst concentrating on the speakers will be even greater. 

So, if like me, you’re facing another busy week at home, why not get ahead and try out some new tasty treats that you can prepare in advance or in less than 10 minutes. 

All the bakes below are quick and easy to make with minimal ingredients – one of the recipes only needs two ingredients.

And most can be made ahead and stored or frozen, ready for when you need them.

Click the links below for the recipes and, in most cases, videos to bake along with.

And do tag The Epsom Bakehouse in photos of your bakes when you post them online (I think you’ll enjoy them that much you’ll want to take photos!). I look forward to seeing them. 

Two-ingredient flatbread

The Epsom Bakehouse flatbreads baking class product

Perfect to accompany a warming bowl of soup or a crunchy salad. These flatbreads really do only require two ingredients and are ready in minutes. Plus, they’re absolutely delicious!

You’ll need plain yoghurt and self-raising flour (or plain flour with 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda). Bakealong with me step-by-step using the video – click the link below.


Simple seeded crackers

The Epsom Bakehouse seeded crackers

Once you taste these, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start baking your own crackers long ago. They keep well in a sealed jar or tin and are delicious as a quick snack or to accompany a plate of cheese and chutney. Yum!

You’ll need flour, salt, oil, sugar and seeds of your choice (though choose small ones – pumpkin and sunflower seeds might be a bit bulky). You can throw in spices of your choice too.

Then simply bake and enjoy. Click the link below to follow along with the baking video.

Apple flapjacks

The Epsom Bakehouse apple flapjack bakealong product 2

A delicious combo of oats and fresh fruit, what’s not to love! Mix up these delicious treats in one pan, then bake in a tray in the oven. Choose whether you add in some dried fruit or seeds from some extra crunch.

You’ll need chopped apple, oats, sugar, butter, golden syrup, dried fruit (optional). Watch and bake along with the video at the link below.

Fruit and nut bars

The Epsom Bakehouse fruit and nut snack bars

Tried all the cereal bars and biscuits and want something a bit different? Try these fruit and nut bars instead.

Packed with dried fruit, nuts and seeds, they’re a tasty mid-afternoon pick-me-up. You can vary the ingredients to use those you love, and you don’t have to include nuts.

Bake this batch in three simple steps then store in a tight-lidded box to keep them fresh. Enjoy!

Easy bake tomato and basil focaccia

The Epsom Bakehouse basil and tomato focaccia

Ok, this one doesn’t fully fit in the ‘quick’ category. But overall it will only take 10 – 15 minutes of your time in the kitchen.

Mix up a simple dough the night before and leave it in the fridge.

The next day, pour the dough into a lined roasting tin and leave it to rise for a couple of hours.

Top the dough with your choice of flavours – perhaps tomato and basil, sea salt and rosemary, sliced onions and peppers, fresh herbs. And then bake!

Want to know more? Click the link below to get the recipe.

Are you currently working remotely? Why not book a virtual team baking class with The Epsom Bakehouse

Is your team working remotely? Perhaps you’d like to bring everyone together online to celebrate recent achievements or build connections away from day-to-day work. 

If you loved baking along with the recipes above, why not book a virtual team bread baking class? Your team can bake together in a fun, relaxed class. You’ll learn new skills and also get to enjoy a tasty treat you’ve baked yourself.

All possible from the comfort of your own home. No need for team members to find childcare or venture out. I’ll provide detailed recipes, instructions and can take time to answer questions throughout the live class.