Join Bread Baking 101 today and learn to bake delicious bread
Step-by-step videos teach you my simple, reliable bread making methods. Follow the course in your own time at home.
Have you always wanted to learn to bake your own fresh bread at home?

To get that 'wow' moment as your handmade loaf comes out of the oven? Perhaps you've already tried baking bread only to find the results were a bit, well, flat.

Well good news!

Delicious homemade bread is simple to bake - and I'd love to show you how in my new online bread making course, Bread Baking 101.

Instead, join me, Rhiannon from The Epsom Bakehouse, as I guide you step-by-step through my proven method for baking great bread at home.


Through my classes, and online, I love to show people how they can easily bake their own tasty bread at home, especially if they're unsure about it at the start.


Bread baking doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming.


And it's definitely something

you can fit around a busy life.


Here's what you'll learn on the course:

  • To mix, knead and rise a simple bread dough
  • To shape and bake your dough into a crusty white loaf like this one pictured, plus rolls and a flatbread
  • To bake a delicious quick seeded soda bread
  • The basic ingredients and equipment you need to bake bread at home
  • Expert tips and techniques to help you get a great bake

How much will the course be?


Join Bread Baking 101 today and you gain access to:

  • Step-by-step videos you can follow along at home
  • Course notes to accompany the videos
  • Downloadable recipes you can use again and again at home
  • Handy checklists of ingredients and equipment
  • Access to the supportive online Facebook group for course students


Join Bread Baking 101 and you get all this for just £39.99 (usual price £49.99)

What do my previous students say?

I’ve been running relaxed, hands-on bread making classes here in Epsom since 2014. This is my first online course, and you can see what some of my online course testers, plus previous class students, have said about my courses below.

Frequently asked questions


What does the course include?

The course includes nine video modules through which you will learn the secrets to baking great bread in your home kitchen. All videos are in English and are available to stream online.


You’ll also receive downloadable recipes, a checklist of key equipment and ingredients required and notes to accompany the online teaching, to keep at home.


Plus there’s access to a supportive online community for course students in which you’ll be able to ask any questions you have about the course and the bread you learn to bake on it.


Will I need any previous bread baking experience?


No. The course is aimed at those wanting to master the basics of baking great bread at home, whether learning to bake bread for the first time or wanting to brush up existing basic bread baking skills.


How long will it take to complete the course?


There’s no rush to complete the course straight away. Once you have access, you can go back to the videos whenever you need them.


If you’re fairly new to baking bread, or want to brush up your skills first before you start baking, I would suggest watching the videos – these last over an hour – and reading through the notes, recipes and checklists first.


Once you start baking, a loaf of bread should take at least four to five hours from start to finish. But stop! Before you throw your hands up in horror at trying to find that much spare time, remember: most of the time you’re leaving the dough to do its thing and rise before you bake it. The videos are set out so there are natural breaks where you would leave your dough to rise, or to bake.


How much does Bread Baking 101 cost?


For the nine video modules, recipe downloads, ingredient and equipment checklists, notes to help you follow the videos, plus access to the supportive online community for course students, access to Bread Baking 101 is just £49.99.


However, the course will remain on offer at around 20% off, meaning you can get Bread Baking 101 for just £39.99 today.


Is the course ‘live’?


The video modules and all resources will be available for you to work through at your own pace and when suitable for you.


How long will I have access to the course?


You will have lifetime access to the course (subject to our terms and conditions), allowing you to work through it at your own pace and return to it as required.


What if I have questions about my bread baking whilst working through the course?


You will have access to a Facebook group for all online course students where you can ask questions and get support and help with your bread baking.


Will I need any special technology to access the course?


No. You’ll only need an internet connection, a computer or internet-enabled mobile phone, a web browser (which you use to access the internet on your device) and an email address. You’re probably using most of these now to read this. The course resources are sent out as PDF documents, for which you may also need to have a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader (free).


How do I purchase the course?


Simply click here or on any of the images on this page.

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