Learn to bake quick and delicious bread today

3. The Epsom Bakehouse teaching bread making class 2

Want to learn to bake two quick, simple and delicious breads? Follow my video recipes below.

Thank you for coming along to my bread making demonstrations at the Town and Country Show.

Want to bake the breads I made at home? Or did you miss the demo and want to find out what we baked?

Catch up and bake along with the videos below. Make your own two-ingredient flatbreads, or a cheesy soda bread, at home.

And you can find out more about all my online bread making classes here.

Bake delicious two-ingredient flatbreads


Watch and bake along with the video below.


You’ll need self-raising flour and plain yoghurt to bake these.


Keep scrolling to learn to bake a cheesy soda bread.

Learn to bake a cheesy soda bread


Click the link below and bake along with my video (recorded as a Facebook Live).


You’ll need strong white bread flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt, grated cheese and buttermilk (or use a half-and-half mixture of milk and yoghurt).

A bit more about me and The Epsom Bakehouse


I’m Rhiannon. I’ve baked since I was young. After leaving a career in local government in 2012, I re-trained and set up my own bakery from home.

From selling bread on the local Farmers Market, I now enjoy passing on my skills through my online bread making classes.

I love seeing students’ success and the ‘wow’ moment at the loaves they learn to bake.

My focus is on recipes and bread making techniques that really work for you, the home bread baker.

Tips that are simple and easy to use in your kitchen.

You’ll understand not just how to bake a great loaf of bread, but why each technique works.

For information on recent press articles and interviews, please check out my media page.

3. The Epsom Bakehouse teaching bread making class 2

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