Bake Off is back! Like me, you might be enjoying watching the contestants whip up their baked creations in the tent of dreams. And this week it’s Bread Week, my favourite week. Who can forget the beautifully detailed bread lion made during Series 6? I can’t wait to see what they make this time around.

But there’s one element of Bread Week that I don’t encourage students of my online bread making classes to follow. And that’s the time they have available to complete their bread bakes.

Of course, the race against the clock to get everything finished is a key part of the Bake Off competition. But when you’re baking bread at home you shouldn’t race against the clock.

In fact, good bread takes time.

Watch my video below to find out more about why you should give your dough plenty of time to rise and how that will help you bake great bread at home.

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