I love to check out other foodie blogs, finding wonderful recipes and tips.  I’ve found many great new blogs to follow by chatting online to other bloggers – in particular through the weekly Thursday evening Twitter chat for food bloggers.

It was during one such chat that I got into a conversation about how a bowl of cereal is sometimes the best meal, even if it’s a bit of a food guilty pleasure. Before I knew it, I’d offered to host a whole chat on the subject. And what better way to research my topic than to eat somewhere you can ONLY get a bowl of cereal?!

The Epsom Bakehouse outside the CKC cereal

I therefore found myself this week travelling to Brick Lane to visit the Cereal Killer Café. This snug cafe, tucked between antique shops and galleries, serves pretty much just cereal and milk, plus drinks and the occasional Pop Tart. It opened to quite a bit of (perhaps London-based) fanfare late last year, due to their singular focus menu, and, in part, some muttering about the proposed price of a bowl of cereal. However, being a confirmed cereal addict, I knew I was going to visit from the moment I heard about it.

The Epsom Bakehouse CKC World Cereal

There’s not much to announce the café from outside. Opening the door, I almost bumped straight into a customer perched on a stool at the window, crunching through a bowl of carb gold. It’s cosy! Straight away, the eye soars up and over two walls covered to the ceiling in boxes of cereal. There was limited time to stand and stare though, as the café was relatively busy, with customers politely edging round each other in the tight space. The staff, used to customers overwhelmed by choice, quickly step in to explain the options. You can either mix and match (yey!) a choice of two or three cereals with milk or go for a cereal cocktail – combinations the café think go well together. The choices err towards the more sugary, children’s cereal end of the market, but there are options such as granola available too.

The Epsom Bakehouse CKC menu cereal

I’m a pretty poor decision maker when faced with a new menu, but decided to take advice and go for a cocktail – a Chocopotomus to be exact. Coco Pops mixed with Krave topped with a Nestle Happy Hippo all swimming in chocolate milk. Despite being a confirmed chocoholic, I opted to switch the milk for semi-skimmed.

The Epsom Bakehouse CKC cocktail cereal The Epsom Bakehouse CKC finished cereal cocktail

Negotiating the steep stairs down to the extra seating, I found a small basement packed with cereal memorabilia, plus old-style TVs playing cartoons and kids TV shows. There’s plenty to keep you entertained as you eat – you might even remember some of the toys on display from cereal packets of your youth.

The Epsom Bakehouse CKC Tony Tiger print cereal

Ok, so I paid £3.90 for cereal and milk, and left bouncing on a sugar high that I was sure to later regret. And yes, the café is a deliberate walk down memory lane for those of a certain age. But if you love your cereal like I do, it’s great for a visit if only just to marvel at the British and international cereal choices available. Not living near the café, I’m unlikely to be a regular, but it was busy and, as I left, they were preparing to welcome a party of 15. With restaurants catering ever more to specific foods, in particular those that could be a guilty pleasure, this was a treat and one that I thoroughly enjoyed!

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