World Book Day – my favourite bread making books

Do you love to browse a new recipe book?

On World Book Day, here are four of my favourite breadmaking books. These are the ones that stop people with their beautiful photography, inspire with creative recipes and welcome in the total beginners with recipes for all. Read on to find out more.

What’s your favourite bread recipe book? I’d love to know – it might be one I don’t yet have!

Brilliant Bread – James Morton

Written by a Great British Bake Off favourite, this book starts from the perspective of an amateur bread baker. James is clearly passionate about his subject and includes a wide range of recipes and plenty of explanatory pictures. It does sometimes get a little wordy but there’s heart and soul here.

Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread – Richard Bertinet

An award-winning book from a renowned French baker, Dough sets out recipes for five simple doughs, then shows you how to tweak them into a myriad of different breads. Many editions come with a DVD in which Richard demonstrates various techniques including his kneading style. There is no discussion of the science of breadmaking but plenty of recipes to get stuck into.

How to make bread – Emmanuel Hadjiandreou

Step-by-step photography takes you through each stage of every recipe in the book, a real bonus if you’re a visual learner. From basic loaves to using more unusual flours such as khorasan and some excellent sourdough recipes (chocolate and raisin anyone?), there’s plenty here for you to try out.

Bread Revolution – Duncan Glendinning and Patrick Ryan

Championing a return to making your own bread, the authors established a bakery in Bath with a focus on using the best ingredients they could afford. There’s discussion of foraging for ingredients and photos demonstrating useful bread making techniques. Bread recipes are interspersed with recipe suggestions for eating with your loaf, from Eggs Benedict to Ham Hock Terrine.

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