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Want to follow the recorded course instead?

Get access to the recorded step-by-step course Introduction to sourdough bread baking.

Make your own successful rye flour sourdough starter following the daily videos.

Then use your starter to mix, knead, shape and bake your delicious sourdough bread.

You can follow the course at a time to suit you.

Click this link to get your recorded Introduction to sourdough bread baking course (opens new site).

What will you learn to make?

Learn to bake your own crusty white sourdough loaf, made using traditional methods.

You’ll learn to mix, knead, prove and bake a delicious sourdough loaf, using a sourdough starter to rise your bread.

Before the class, you’ll also receive access to a step-by-step video guide to making your own rye flour sourdough starter to use for the class.

Before the class, you’ll receive a list of the ingredients and equipment you’ll need. This will be kept as simple as possible.

How long will the class last?

The class will last up to 1.5 hours.

There’ll be plenty of time to ask questions during this time, including about your starter.

After the class, you’ll receive a step-by-step recording of the key steps to making the sourdough loaf from the class.

Where will the class be held?

The class will be held via Zoom. You’ll be able to see and hear me, and, if you like, ask questions and show what you’re doing too.

Zoom is free to access for class participants. Further support to help you join the class online will be sent when you sign up for the class.

The Epsom Bakehouse crusty white sourdough loaf sliced made in online baking class

What if I can’t join the class live? 

Get your recorded Introduction to sourdough bread baking course and bake along step-by-step at a time to suit you.

Click here to get your recorded course (opens new site).

How much is the class?

The class is £27 per person.

Once signed up, full details and a recipe will be sent within 10 days of the class starting.

What will you need to take part in the class?

You’ll need an active rye flour sourdough starter. The class includes a step-by-step video guide to making your own starter. Please note that this process takes four to five days, with just a 10-minute step to complete each day.

You’ll also need the ingredients for a crusty white sourdough loaf – strong white bread flour, salt and water.

You’ll also need basic kitchen equipment including weighing scales, bowls, oven, a loaf tin and a proving basket if possible.

What’s the feedback been from previous students?

Students have given my classes over 100 5-star reviews.

Previous attendees often describe my classes as relaxed, informative and enjoyable, leaving them confident to bake great bread at home.

You can see student feedback here. 

When are classes held and how can I book?

To get baking your own delicious sourdough loaf, click the button below to book your class.

Please note that you’ll need at least five days prior to the class to make your own rye flour starter, if needed.


Really enjoyed the class with very clear information sent in advance. Family are very much enjoying the cinnamon buns!
Would definitely recommend

Jane, online class attendee, May 2020


Just had a lovely online baking session with Rhiannon, learning to bake cinnamon rolls. Her communication from the start was clear. She made us all feel at ease and ran the session seamlessly. A great way to learn some new skills in the middle of lockdown!

Jaya, online class attendee, April 2020