[Online class] Bake a crusty sandwich loaf

Learn to bake a crusty, versatile sandwich loaf using traditional techniques. The perfect loaf for toasting, sandwiches and more – a great all rounder! And a great bread to bake if you’re just starting out baking bread. What will you learn to make? During the class, you’ll learn step-by-step the process to mix, knead, prove and shape a crusty sandwich loaf. Before the class, you’ll receive a list of the ingredients and equipment you’ll need. This will be kept as simple as possible and I can suggest substitutions where possible. How long will the class last? The class will last up to an hour. During this time, there will also be plenty of time to ask questions. You’ll receive a recording of the class to watch back and follow along with should you wish to bake the recipe again. Where will the class be held? The class will be held via Zoom. This is an online conference calling programme which uses video and audio. You’ll be able to see and hear me, and, if you like, ask questions and show what you’re doing too. Zoom is free to access for class participants. Further support to help you join the class online will be sent when you sign up for the class. What if I can’t join the class live? It is best if you can join live as you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as we make and shape the dough. However, if you cannot make any of the times advertised below, you can still sign up for the class and receive a recording once the class has finished. How much is the class? The class is £12.99. Once signed up, you’ll receive the recipe details and the link to join the class. What will you need to take part in the class? You’ll need the ingredients to bake a crusty sandwich loaf, including bread flour, yeast and salt. You’ll also need basic kitchen equipment including weighing scales, a bowl and an oven to bake your loaves in. What’s the feedback been from previous students? Students have given my in-person classes many 5* reviews on Google. Previous attendees often describe my classes as relaxed, informative and enjoyable. You can see student feedback here.