Six easy breads to bake with kids


Stuck for a rainy day activity? Seen all the summer family blockbusters, visited all the local parks? Why not try baking bread with the kids this summer!

From unicorn cinnamon rolls to crunchy breadsticks, delicious cheese swirls and more, download this step-by-step guide today and you’ll learn to create two easy doughs and then transform them into six tasty breads with your kids.

Not baked bread before or want a helping hand? The guide also includes links to how-to videos showing you the key techniques you’ll need. Plus there are handy lists of the ingredients and equipment you’ll need to help you get baking bread with ease.

Through the guide, you and your kids will learn to bake:

? Unicorn cinnamon rolls

?Iced buns

? Rainbow plaits 

? Cheese swirls 

? Hedgehog rolls 

? Breadsticks 



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