At last it seems like *proper* winter has arrived. And by that I mean I went out to put something in the bin the other night and it had frozen shut…

I have to admit to secretly loving this time of year. But only when beautiful frosty mornings can be balanced with cosy nights in. And what better way to warm up than with a steaming hot drink and a crunchy biscuit? As we approach Burns Night next week, I wanted to share a quick, simple, yet very versatile bake – shortbread.

The Epsom Bakehouse shortbread

Shortbread are the ultimate easy bake. Flour, butter and sugar are the minimum ingredients you need to turn out a brilliant biscuit. Nothing beats one fresh baked, but they’ll also keep for at least a week in a sealed tin.

I’ve used this recipe by Mary Berry for a long time now. As well as the three basic ingredients, Mary adds in semolina for added crunch. I don’t put anything else in, such as the suggested flaked almonds. However, shortbread are a great ‘blank sheet’ for flavours. Try adding in some lemon or orange zest. Or sprinkle in (sparingly) some dried lavender. You could also try drizzling the finished biscuits with melted chocolate, or adding in chocolate chips before baking.

The Epsom Bakehouse shortbread

The recipe suggests baking in a rectangular tin and cutting the biscuits into fingers. You could also increase the recipe amounts by a third and spread the mixture across two 8-inch round cake tins. These are then easy to cut into triangles.

The Epsom Bakehouse shortbread

Happy Baking!

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