Sourdough starter day 3

The Epsom Bakehouse rye starter day 2

Check out Day 2 instructions here.

Are you seeing signs of life yet? By starter day 3, you should hopefully be seeing some bubbles on the surface of your new starter.

What’s that smell?

Your starter might not smell all that great either, but that’s ok. It should have a fruity-vinegary smell (it’s pretty unique!). If it’s starting to smell like nail polish remover (acetone), that means your growing yeast colonies are running out of food before you get round to adding more flour and water (a feed). Try feeding more regularly – perhaps do these steps every 12 hours for a feed or two and see how your starter reacts.

A growing starter

As the mixture produces gas, you may find it increasing in volume – hence the need for a big bowl on Day 1.

You’re now ready to do the Day 3 feed. Add 25g rye flour and 50g water to your starter and give it a good mix. Pop it back on the side and leave it to do its thing.

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