Sourdough starter day 4

The Epsom Bakehouse bubbly rye starter

Check out Day 3’s instructions here.

Starter day 4 and there should now be small bubbles on the surface of your starter. If not, don’t despair! If it’s been very warm, your starter may need feeding twice a day not once. Alternatively, if it’s quite cool, your starter will be slower to get going, so keep on feeding it for a few more days. If your starter has sprouted some mould, it’s best to chuck it out and start again – you’ve captured some unwanted microbes in there.

Stir 50g rye flour and 100g water into your starter and put it aside again for another 24 hours. You may find that your starter doubles in volume during this period now that it has some power – make sure your bowl is big enough!

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