Perhaps you always make a loaf with your dough but want to try rolls instead. Or maybe you’d like to try some different shapes for your weekly batch bake. Today I’ll be sharing three simple ways to shape dough for bread rolls.

Bread rolls are great to batch bake

Whilst this blog often talks about baking bread and baking loaves of bread, I don’t often mention making rolls. But at home I love to turn a batch of dough into rolls.

Not only can you fit a couple of batches into the oven at one time, but the results will freeze really well. They also defrost very quickly, meaning you can simply use what you need each day.

Watch the video below to view three simple shaping methods to make bread rolls.

The Epsom Bakehouse seeded rye rolls

Shape one: the basic roll

Take a piece of dough roughly 50 – 70g in weight. Pat the dough down, then stretch out the sides and fold into the middle.

Turn the dough over and use your little fingers to tuck the dough under to create a smooth top to the roll.

Shape two: the plaited roll

Take a piece of dough roughly 100g in weight and divide it into four equal pieces. Roll out each piece into a sausage shape. Then join the four pieces together at one end.

To plait four strands, cross strand 1 over strand 3. Then cross strand 2 over strand 3. Finally cross strand 4 over strand 2. Repeat this until you reach the ends of the strands and join them together.

Shape three: the knotted roll

Roll out a piece of dough into a long rope-shape, about 25 – 30cm long. Then fold the rope and tie in a knot. Then tuck the ends under the roll.

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