I tried out this recipe purely because I wanted to try out greengages! If you haven’t had them before, then they’re a type of plum, sweeter than their purple cousins and green in colour. Greengages are in season in early autumn, so this is a great time to try them at their best.

1. The Epsom Bakehouse greengages and plums

I considered going for a traditional hearty crumble, slowly cooking down the fruit into a sticky mess under crunchy topping. But these fruit are a bright green jewel, something I wanted to show off in a bake. So instead, I went for simply setting them in a baked custard dish, setting them off against the darker plum we know well. This is greengage and plum clafoutis.

The Epsom Bakehouse greengage and plum clafoutis

Recipe-wise, I went with this one from The Naked Grocer. I substituted in a couple of plums for greengages as I love the purple and green colour contrast. Here’s a few tips before you get baking:

  • Watch the milk mixture like a hawk as you bring it to the boil – it will boil over in a flash.
  • Let the milk mixture cool to at least body temperature (you can dip a finger in) before adding it to the egg mix – otherwise you’ll be making sweet scrambled eggs
  • I used a shallow, wide pie dish to make this recipe, but any large ovenproof dish will be fine. If yours is deeper, you might need to bake it for longer to fully cook the middle.
  • Gradually spoon the custard mixture around the part-baked fruit if you want to keep the fruit in a pattern in the dish – otherwise you’ll flood them

The Epsom Bakehouse greengage and plum clafoutis

And there you have it – an easy bake that will make a simple and warming end to a cosy meal. Serve it warm with a dash of cream.

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